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'Tis the season.... to BUY A SNOWPLOW !!!

Financing available.  We have a large selection of BLIZZARD Snowplows and Salt Spreaders in stock.  We also have a large selection of Salt Dogg Salt Spreaders in stock.  Click the "Contact Us" tab for your closest location.  Don't be fooled by our 2011/2012 mild winter; snow will come! 


Boothwyn, Pennsylvania location NOW OPEN!  Click the "contact us" section of the site for contact information.   

 Email pj@thehitchmaninc.com for more information.



We Buy, Trade, and Sell USED Trailers

Click on "used trailers" under our trailers tab to see our latest Used Trailer inventory! These trailers move in and out of stock very quickly. Contact us to reserve yours today.

We certify all of our Used Trailers and include a 30-day warranty. All of our Used Trailers also include the Maryland State Inspection ($45-$120 value) and at The Hitch Man all of your Maryland or Pennsylvania Registration is handled for you!  We even issue 60-day temporary tags.


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